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The Safety Champs

Chance is the leader of the Safety Champs, and was destined to receive the title.

Chance was never the safest kid when it came to outdoor activities. He would ride his bike without any safety gear, be careless in the playground, and attempt dangerous feats without any care for his safety. Chance was confident he was the best at pulling trick moves; almost as if he was invincible. He would soon realize that he wasn't, and it would change his life.

One day, Chance was riding his bike and saw the opportunity to launch over the jump of his young life. Just as he was about to hit the jump, something caught his eye. He looked to his side and saw a pair of sunglasses on the ground next to him. They were shiny, black, and new; the kind he'd seen everyone wearing! Seizing the moment, he tried them on and found they weren't just any pair of sunglasses. He found that he had been given the gift of knowledge; of safety, and precaution. He could see scenarios before they happened, and could tell whether his actions and the actions of others would pan out in a positive way.

At this moment, he knew things were different. He knew he needed to change his ways, and use his newly acquired powers to show his friends the rights and wrongs of being safe. From this point on, the Safety Champs were born!